Split with Grapes

by Pathogenesis

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released October 4, 2017

Vassia Kouprianov - Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Brian Tudor - bass guitar
David Ridout - electric guitar
Sam Holzemer - drums
Griff Beheler - lyrics

Thank you to Andrew Bertrand for guest vocals on Senescence.

Nick Ingvoldstad - guitar, vocals
Sam Holzemer - bass
Vassia Kouprianov - drums

Cover art: Mark Richards (Heavy Hand Illustration)


all rights reserved



Pathogenesis Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Living to suffer and die
I've found my resting place
out here in deep space
blasting through the eons
flying through florescence neon

Color fill my brain
free from everlasting pain
finally ending this cycle
forever giving life away

Until my dying breath
submerged within this mess
cyclic reminisce 
of putting life to death
can no longer forestall
a forced exalted plunge into the cosmic unknown

Dissolution - Disassociation

Somewhat confused
never been this high before
hard to not be amused
when there is no ceiling and no floor

Plummeting through planet Earth
from a place within the outside
Its no trouble revisiting birth
on Lysergic Diethylamide

Spiral in and out
Dissipating beyond any doubt
An amorphous anthropomorphic prototype
Magnanimously unbound forever

Scuttering into the void
Permanence, deathless swoon, surrounded by eternity
The self evaporated

Climbing, rising, unwrap, unbinding, unloose, unravel, galactic travel, the self dissolve, unwind, revolve, unfix, unfasten, spiritual assassin, break away, substance decay, spectral array, how to convey disintegrated systems of my mind - of us, mankind - we're losing time, a race declined, souls unaligned, fading fast, life of the past, what will a mass, successive death, what will be left
Track Name: Senescence
Your time has come to an end, your life's final reprimand
Once standing but now you fall, your energy is uninstalled
Family members and your work place too, they just want to get rid of you
Your wealth, like organs, will dissolve - distribution of your goods for a higher cause
Near death in the ground, dust from bone, but you still haven't paid off your loans
You're useless to society, yet in death still concerned of your notoriety
Fulfilling your course of action, taking heed of traditional cycles
Degeneration of your immunity, its for the good of the community

Too old and slow to do work
Your arms are weak, your hands constantly trimmer and jerk
The future is something the eludes you
In your mind repeat the past, soothing sleep will be here soon
For now weave your last thread of life on the loom of time

Ever wonder what they will do with you
when you have to snort your meals up your nose through a tube?

You used to stand tall at the front of the line, a pure and true representative of human kind.
Now you can't remember the names of the members of your family.
You're isolated by age, another of Senescence's casualties.
Part of a legacy left behind that you can't even recognize with your own eyes.
You perform no hobbies you just sit there and rot.
All of your life's accomplishments are now for naught.
You've been stripped of all your social duties

What is that you have done, what is it that you did?

For the life of me I can't remember.
Track Name: Grapes - Heat leech
it's not that it's the safest path that i know
it's just that it's the only road that i've gone
there will be times when you find yourself
running through forest without your whole team
then you'll be silenced
black hole
black hole
now your whole team is dead
we're all running out of time
there's still this surface
rising gently
swallows whole
unforgiving crime
die young
you're still waiting for life to guide you by the fucking hand
you're still waiting for time to guide your hand slowly
i've been expecting too much
i've got
no more
of this
sinking feeling
Track Name: Grapes - Meth profit
i've been wasting all my time
playing this fucking game
i've been changing all my names
kill me slowly

waste my life
i'm wasting my time
til it's gone
everything you do
and everything you say
can hurt you
everything you do
and everything you say
will chain you
Track Name: Grapes - Rat king
i ate it all!
i ate it all!
i ate it all and i have no remorse
it was fucking good
it was fucking good
it was fucking good and i only know that
why are you
why are you
why are you all looking at me

cause it's all a lie
i just waste my time
eight more days in hell, no fucking way
Track Name: Grapes - Nostril
guess i'm walking into the sun
moving stretching into the clouds
it's a thorn in my eye, stick in the side
thorn in my eye, chasing the right
thorn in my eye, stick in the side
let out, let out

living (god)
doesn't (find out)
limiting (forces)
summoner (put out)
bonfire (pull me in)

the sun is setting
a red sky
you're never ready
you'll never die though

night sky
over us
we're in the realm now
of summanus

this heap of flesh
the stench of death
it fills our eyes
just grows on
just molders on
this rotten dog
go smell a room
i face them off
this grows on
it just molders on

(as my life disintegrates)
cause you were my eyes

won't let go

still not commensurate
my own, said 'for you, so long'

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