Don't Touch the Trim

by Pathogenesis

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released June 25, 2016

Vassia Kouprianov - guitar on tracks 1-9, bass on tracks 6, 10-13, vocals on tracks 1-8, additional vocals on track 9, 13.
David Ridout - guitar (except track 6)
Sam Holzemer - drums on tracks 1-9, vocals on tracks 9-13
Brian Tudor - bass on tracks 1-5, 7-9

Cover art by Dahmer Art

Guitar solo on "Demons Rise" by "Steel" Joel Frazier (Steel Reign, Necrocosm)
Additional vocals on "Freeganize it" by Eva Luton

Thank you to so many people who have supported this release.
Special thanks to Shahed Chaudhuri, Jack Bauer, Frank Hernandez, Sterling Boyd Jr, Mat Sherman, Perry Graham, Paul Gieger, Eric Tignor, Jeff Gross, Andrew Mathews, Griff, Beheler, Andrew Brown, CJ Giles, Tim "Hope" Kirk (RIP), Eric Conrad, Jon Fralick, Chris Hylton, Joe Lawson, Matt Scott, Seth McPherson, Laura Greenwood, Dustin Horton, Jason Cronk, Blake Wagner, Logan Carver, Ira Rogers, Mark Conner, Robbie Rodwell, Alan Fary, Steele, Scott Schopler, Dustin Holt, +anyone who has seen these songs performed at any point between 2007 and 2015.

Thanks to all the bands that have played shows with us, especially:
Human Infection, Rotting Obscene, Helgamite, Vomit Stain, Shroud, Composted, The Ziggurat, In Chaos Forged, WVRM, Death Shroud, Wandcarver, Earthling, The Reasons Were Legion, Tyrannis, The Central, An Atomic Whirl, Bottomfeeder, Heron, Suppressive Fire, RBT, Lesser Life, Necrocosm, Priapus, brainXtoilet, Amara, Methadone Abortion Clinic, Vomit Breath, Cannibal Rites, Hate Face, and Korn.



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Pathogenesis Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Quantifying the Suffering
Calculating the volume of the bodies
Integrate a distinct number of souls lost
Eradication of human life as goal
Statistical display of tragedy

Human life is valueless here
Bodies marching to their slaughter
No mercy as they push you around
Your fate is sealed, you’re going to die.

Push the children into the church
Heard them all with dogs and guns
Everyone must die
Equal opportunity slaughter

This suffering is real, everyone will be killed.
People scream as they burn, the village ablaze.

…Systematic execution
Bullets from machine gun and flame thrower bursts
Complete the suffering

You can't breathe in this ocean of flames
Set it all on fire and keep moving
Depopulation denotes your visit
Dead souls surround you.

No one is to blame, this is war
You should not exist
Our task will be complete
Realistic desolation
Total decimation.
Track Name: False Prophet
What stands before you is not real
False prophet - claiming to heal
Your soul sacrificed for a promise
Not obtained, he's reprogrammed your brain!

Like a zombie you obey
Don't stop to think you are blind
His wish is your command
Don't hesitate to sacrifice your child

Disregard all morality
His carnal wish is your reality
Don't think to disobey
Like slaves you work and pray
Praying on our mental decay
Accept me now, let your mind decay

Watchful eyes produce obedience
Not an ounce of lenience
Every hope and dream destroyed
You are a victim of the cult
Track Name: Minnesota
Ice cold winds strike through to the bone
As I trudge through knee deep snow
I know not where I tread
Lost in this labyrinth of snow covered trees

Will I leave these woods alive?
Or will I rest face down in ice?
My skin begins to freeze
I've lost all feeling from my toes to my knees

My body grows useless
Muscles ignore my mind's commands
How much of this misery must I endure?
When do I accept this fate?
So cold, a cold northern forest winter!

Finally, my legs give out from beneath me.
I collapse face down into the snow
This snow where I make my grave.
I close my eyes and rest
No longer feeling any pain
Consciousness fades
I almost feel... warm... warm...
Track Name: Snuggie Asphyxiation
Commercial product
Wraps around your body
With the intention of achieving comfort
The fabric begins to constrict
As blood flow slows
And internal pressure skyrockets

Oxygen exchange in the lungs slows to a halt
Anaerobic respiration begins
Lactic acid buildup eats away
At embryonic tissue

Life prognosis plummets
As the placenta and skin
Of the consumer turn blue
Snuggie asphyxiation
Claims a new victim
Track Name: Freeganize It
Dumpster dive
Eat the trash
Don't let it go to waste
Track Name: Narcotic Reality
I'm high again, yeah
My time space perception impaired.
All thoughts orbit at hyperspeed
Neurochemical supernova.

Brain chemistry has been altered
The synapses overflood
Continual purposeless rituals
Delusions, psychosis, sores.

Ingestion of narcotics
is how I pass the time.

Reality is so tedious, I stand apathetic.
I don't want to face the issues in my life

I do drugs every day
because I don't care
I'm closer to death
with every breath I take

Grind it down, pack it up
Light that shit and inhale the smoke

Chemical dependency
is more than a hobby
It's a way of life.
Track Name: Entoilment
Buried beneath the insidious lies
Decomposing beyond their mortal cries
The work which kills
And feeds on flesh
Consuming us until our death

Make the money
Buy the goods
Spend the money
Back to the job
Track Name: Your Party
Beer! Beer! Beer! Beer! STAB!!!

Eternal blood lust runs through these veins
Partake in the ritual of our fathers
Consent is the purchase of a blue cup
Drink it down, let’s get fucked up!

8 weeks of torture by the ones who love me
Eternal brotherhood by sodomy
An army of ants who’ll have my back
No matter what the charge

Your future is determined
by the company you keep
success by association
3 ancient letters are who I am
3 Kegs of Naty is the master plan.
Track Name: Dick Suckin' Truck
Yeaaaagh!! Ugh!
I like to lick my pickup
I lick it when I’m high
When I lick my pickup
My boner reach the sky
My engine is the biggest
I rev engine at you!
You look at me the wrong way.
I’ll fuck your mother too!
I like to stick my dick in my truck
Get my dick sucked by a 2 ton pickup
Six thousand and three hundred horses
It could dig a grave for three hundred corpses!

I need to stick my dick in my truck
My truck is so beautiful
I like, I really like my truck!!!

Jacked up so high, no truck is bigger than mine!
This truck is the truth.
This truck is my life.

Then one day police knocking at my door
They’ve got questions for me
“we’re wondering if you’ve seen this missing girl
She’s been missing since 3:00
I don’t tell them that I wiped part of her scalp off my grille.
It’s not my fault that she died, don’t touch the trim.
Track Name: One Choice Left
well men you know by now
that we are already dead men
it is time to end this siege right now
we must now confront the truth of our lot
it seems there is but one choice left that we've got
today men we will show them our fury!

we've got but one choice left
its time to open the gates

kill kill the enemy
death, death is destiny
kill as many as you can

kill kill the enemy
death, death is destiny
it is not over yet

kill kill the enemy
death, death is destiny
kill as many as you can

we are already dead men
theres one thing left to do now
we must claim what we can
we trade our lives for theirs

to surrender is a fate worse than death
i'll give my life just to hear the dying breath
of any one of those worthless pathetic foes
i've got just one thing left and it is revenge
i descend on them screaming with deadly proceedings
for there is just one choice left
it is to fight

those worthless wretches out there know not the fury we hold
this pressure built up in us, like dynamite we explode
we march from these gates show them our pent up hate
for this dam holds back a river of blood
now men go out there show them a hate so rare
for they have left us one choice
and it is to die.

there is nothing left
of all things we are bereft
not an option left to choose
no life is left to lose

this bloodthirst must be quenched

blood, blood must now be spilled
all other purpose has been removed
all I see now is who I must kill

it seems like for months now all I've dreamed of is this moment
to look on your face as I drive my spear right through your guts
for there is no intimacy like between a man and his killer
to see the life leave your eyes is greater than any lover

spreading around death like a disease
no sympathy left for your begging your pleas
you die on your feet or you die on your knees
ill collect either way like a taxman his fees

oh there is no revelry quite like this feeling i now have
to see my own blood drain away and mingle with that which I've spilt
Track Name: So Much Blood
so much fucking blood
cacophony of screams
horror unimagined
in the darkest depths of dreams

observing this terror, the aftermath
what magnitude of hatred has made this bloodbath?
all of this pain, what purpose have we served here, to what end?

awash in the smell of decay
nothing can wash these sins away
a dying man asks for me to end his pain
'show mercy, for death is all i pray'
so i drive my blade right through his throat

the things that i have seen here will haunt me to my grave
i'll never be at peace again

fighting for glory, what utter bullshit
the gods are not watching us here
oh how we take pride in this fruitless endeavor

its folly has now become clear
how luckless I find it that I should survive
a life I no longer hold dear
the sound of their screaming will not leave my ears
for all that i crave now is silence
to drift in some place far away
to see where the children run and play
can no longer bear the sight of death

by all the normal measures, this was a great victory
but can't you see all that we've lost?

war spreads like disease
we're just killing machines
is this really our destiny?
is hatred all that we can see?
with so much blood surrounding me
what else but beasts could we be?

to what can we attribute this desire
to kill and maim our fellow man
and deny ourselves from grace

oh the horror i've witnessed today
i deny my existence
in this world i shall not stay
Track Name: Demons Rise
When fire rains down from a blood red sky
this marks the dawn of the end of time
but have no fear, all men must die!
lifting the veil of perception, the lie

the lamb breaks open the seventh seal
the silence broken by the trumpets call

behold this poisoned world, water tastes as wormwood
all of that once was green, deserts paved with asphalt
forevermore we subsist on death
consuming our own waste recycling our filth

evil consumes all of mankind
taking everything that catches our eye

hats gonna happen when the angels fall
demons rise, consume us all
we'll all fall from gods grace again
and let the demons just come on in

demons rise, angels fall
kill your friends
lose your mind, lose your soul
demons rise, angels fall
all the good souls are gone

behold this poisoned world, water tastes as wormwood
all of that once was green, deserts paved with asphalt
forevermore we subsist on death
consuming our own waste recycling our filth

evil consumes all of mankind
taking everything that catches our eye

Whats gonna happen when the angels fall
demons rise, consume us all
we'll all fall from gods grace again
and let the demons just come on in

unleash the demon inside
true evil resides within

all of your friends are dead
they died, you lived instead
throat cut for a piece of bread
hunting what was once your friend

in this brave new world, the savage survive
hell alive on earth again, His kingdom denied

tearing down the firmament brick by brick we witness the heavens fall
a blaze to scorch the sky
dawn falls in the evening the end of mankind

we have the weapons we have the machines
the end of this world lies in our destiny
oh my god i was wrong it was hell all along
theyve finally made a demon out of me

we have developed the weapons to kill a god
we are the devils, we've made our own hell

we have the weapons we have the machines
the end of this world lies in our destiny

whats gonna happen when the angels die?
all thats left of heaven - angels' wing moonshine
Track Name: Besieged
wake up one morning head to the latrine
groggy eyed boy i really gotta pee
gotta get some food inside my belly
thinkin about some biscuits and gravy

then sound the horns!

all men must report to the walls
ready your blades, ready your bows
the enemy is approaching
with all great speed
all men to their posts now!
this is not a drill
all men report to duty now

now it seems i'm doomed to die
their army extends beyond my eyes
ill never see my friends or family again
it won't be long before i'm dead
how was it that i came to be here again?
how was into this life i lead?

just another pointless grunt
another body to line the front

theres no doubt now, my life means nothing
when i die here , will that mean something?

what is honor? what is glory?
what is to become of this sordid story?

just look, look out the window and see
and endless sea of enemies
just sitting, waiting, eating meat
while we die here slowly
they taunt us with their food and wine
while we're rotting here, out of time
the rage and hatred swells
we'll have our revenge

now theres no hope for you no hope for me
no food for us for we are besieged

now id kill a man for a bite to eat
theres none to be had
no rats left in the street