Pathogenesis / Parasitic Twin Split

by Pathogenesis

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released June 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Pathogenesis Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Don't Cross the Shitline
Where the fuck's my ravioli? I had nine cans.
You took all my ravioli.

I ate the ravioli ok
Got stoned last night
Didn't think I'd eat nine cans but maybe

I mean nobody wants to admit
They ate nine cans of ravioli

But I did and I'm ashamed of myself but

The first one dosen't count
Then you get to the second and the third
4th and 5th I think I burned with a blowtorch
Then I just kept eating
I'm sorry.
Track Name: Beneath the Flesh
Imhotep, the high priest, keeps the dead in his reach
Pharaoh’s blood on his hands, Anck Su Namun, desire
Cursed, forsaken, tomb is shut, mummified, while he’s still breathing
Resurrected, life returns, the beetles feast, at his will

Tasting revenge by tasting flesh
Plague unleashed, the drone devours
Among the sand Pharaohs rot
Scarabs fly through the heat

Tearing vessels, skin from bone
Beneath the flesh crawling deep

Tearing vessels, skin from bone
Beneath the flesh crawling deep
Track Name: G13
Early in the morning
in pajamas drinking coffee
on my back porch out of nowhere
theres a blinding flash of light.

Then two beings from the ether
made of jewel encrusted power
gesture towards the table
speaking telepathically:

"We have developed a strain
of the substance you refer to as weed.
Smoke it only when to see
the face of God is what you seek"

I wake up face down on my deck
confused like did that really happen
yet sure enough on the table I see,
a jar of weed labeled G THIRTEEN!

I step inside
fill up the Roor
pack it up -
where is my lighter?

I look around
there it is on my couch
lets rip this shit to the fucking face
I take a hit and I pass it to the spirit
that is sitting on my couch
visiting from worlds unknown to me!

I am found by my friends and family
Johnny can you hear me? Why won't you speak to me?
I am omniscient, released from time
inhaled ancient knowledge from behind this veil of lies

Track Name: Sam, I Hate
Track Name: Confined Suffering
Locked in a cage
forgotten for days
soon I may lose control

Imprisoned being
forgotten life
shattered existence
suicidal reality
infinite depths of cold depression
physical realms of torturous confinement

Time, dilated
Minutes feel as hours
Darkness invades
Erosion of sanity

No longer bound by ego
I transcend universes
far beyond this cruel cage
are boundless dimensions
in my mind

Ancient secrets beholden
to an expanded consciousness
Beholding now the arrival of my captor
no bond can hold me
for I am already free
Track Name: Boiled in Oil
Late one night I sneak in your home
and throw your kids against the wall,
I'll blow their brains out right here
if you don't do what I say!

Gagged hog-tied and hooded
in my van you'll come with me,
it's just a few miles down the road now
you'll know the fate of your family

This right here this the real deal
this aint just no turkey fry
you'll be stripped, battered,
and deep fried alive!

But thats just not quite so fun you see
to see you writhe in agony
so first I'm going to make you watch
as I do the same to your family

I take your son
and throw him in the cage
hose him down in beer batter
like a true homophage

hoisted above the boiling oil
your son begins to panic
I begin to lower the chamber now
and observe his screams, ecstatic

his howls reach their climax now
as the oil meets with flesh
oh the joys of eating you,
this meat its just so fresh

Oh so tender,
oh so delicious -
to cook in such a manner
just so malicious

This one will always be
my favorite recipe
crisp human flesh thats deep fried whole!

Your son looks done, crisped golden brown
and next in line's your daughter!
then I'll fry your wife then you
to complete this family slaughter!

But whats that that you said, there's something
growing inside her womb?
I just cant wait to sink my teeth into
that fetus in its deep fried tomb
Track Name: All Organs Awash in Vomit
Firstly, the subject
must be restrained completely
from the legs, arms, and head
A speculum is attached to the mouth of the subject
and the regurgitate is forced into the esophagus.

Acid chyme can be introduced into
the blood stream intravenously,
having a more systemic effect
that is alltogether more painful
and the subject will endure
a longer period of suffering.

It is most interesting
to observe the effect
of regurgitated matter
upon the living subject's brain
the way that the mind deteriorates

Their screams, silent
All organs awash in vomit
Track Name: Parasitic Twin - Paroxysm
Viral, infection wreaking havoc
My soul, dismembering the apparatus
Divine plagues, spiritual dissention
Quarantine, impossible under circumstances
In my room, deathly confinement
Abandonment, spiritual desecration
Lines are blurred, imprisonment or bound to freedom
Imprisoned kingdom, paradise burning

Divinity of plague, detaching my existence

Wretched from birth, scorned to the earth,
internal illustrious hearth

Oxygen supplying death to my lungs asphyxiated

Exquisite devastation, massacred inner being,
corporeal implosion

Inside of my insanity, identity exploding

Sickness is swelling up, intestinal walls erupt, gastric juices seep

Immune system failing me
Rampant organ failure, mucus and chyme upheaved, contagion unleashed

Pathogen is bequeathed

Ripped at the sinew apart

Remaking my asylum in part

The model of my own death

Infection is my final rest

Viewing my own ending as a protocol of disease

Atrocity unfolds, decimation unleashed

Bathing in a Nile of excretion

Bathing in excretion

Paroxysm - catharsis within
Seizure-like intensity

Multiple spasm muscular arrest

Burst fire violence malignancy
Track Name: Parasitic Twin - Timelapse Decay
Emaciate – wither the flesh
Interrupt – dendritic process
Dwindling – potassium wells
Disemboweled – contents of cells
Erosion – spiritual death
Detached – dissolution regress
Chemically – catalyze the rot
Obscure – atrophy the self

Self-digest the boundaries of skin
Writhing and squirming, the insects within
Bluish and transparent scenario decay
The firing of thought as I watch myself rot
Engorge, bloat the gut
Desiccation event
Revulse, progress fester
A variety of worms
Putrescine wafting, observational affliction
Transient nature of my bodily existence

Shed layers of flesh
Metabolic accelerated breath
Pulse in my ears, mummified peers, eternity frozen experimentations
Poignant terror, purging the froth, grand reversion to primal being

Be, breathe, feed, sleep, bleed, breed
Sustain the legacy
Be, breathe, feed, sleep, bleed, breed
Genetic progeny

Numbing the lucid perception of time
Decay the senses now rendered sublime
Phenotypical obsolescence
Swallowed whole kaleidoscopic white
Track Name: Parasitic Twin - Abscession
An emblem of contusions, marked by welts

With so many boils in my cheeks, it’s hard for me to eat

A figure of repugnance characterized by incapability

But for myself I have only admiration

Enhanced by disenchantment, by the suppuration of bodily fluids

Follow my entrails to find my path

A steady forward discharge of embolisms accompanied by [bodily] gas.

I'm so appealing, I'm so grotesque

The spitting image of a withering mass of human flesh

It’s devastating, but brilliant, superb

Frame-worked abolishment, kicking evolution to the curb

Selectively breeding incredible ineptness

Tumorous from the carcinogens that I have been eating for breakfast

So you see my appeal? My beauty comes from what's real

The casing of this capsule is made to dissolve

That's why I cherish my bones, their elegance putrefied

The futile shell I call home, it’s an obsession dignified

Slimy, grimy - vitals go way of all flesh

The allure of mortal rot, to not escape the grave

Slimy, grimy - vitals go way of all flesh

Glorified in doom until the end of days
Track Name: Parasitic Twin - Toilet Born Fetus
Piss, shit and amniotic fluid

The pus-covered newborn is expelled from the wound

Pumped with saturated fat in utero

The ejaculated obesity plops into the porcelain bowl

Procreation resultant of ignorance

Seed bred of mediocrity

"I didn't know that I was pregnant!"

From atop the throne the sow shrieks

Baptized in excrement

Fetal alcohol syndrome

Cleft lip and flipper hands

Conceived of gluttony

The newborn inhales his first breath

Twat discharge in full effect

The resounding unexpected thud

Living tissue, hard ceramic

Cottage cheese cellulose, hydrocephalic spawn

Deformity grandiose, disinterred lower jaw

Bloated jaundiced sack of flesh,
lazy eye, knubby appendages

Placenta crown, jelly rolls of fat,
twisted joints, malformed infant portrait
Track Name: Parasitic Twin - Waiting to be Impaled
Come my sweet, come inside
Bound and gagged erotic suspension found in wax

Scalding shell, cocooned encasing
Prevention of the room to breathe, suffocation
Salacious intent, actualized
Obsessive needs brought upon from lustful fixations
Necromanic desires arise
A hardening shell eclipses the eyes
Exhilarating pulse from the rush and the thrill
The limbs spasm as they start to fulfill
Masturbation urges, tear and stitch
Warm saliva, dripping lips
Terminally carnal indulgence of flesh
Scintillating alive, effervescent in death

Digging through dirt to find her womb
Mud washes organs, I uncover her tomb
Tearing through flesh and rivers of blood
Streaming fresh from birth canal walls

Sleepless nights waiting to impale


Squirming through organs once used for birth
But now in my lust have blended with earth
Mixing with soil and vaginal froth
Progress through such violence just to get off

Digging through the dirt to find her womb
Mud washes organs, I uncover her tomb

Stiffening now like this corpse is my cock