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wake up one morning head to the latrine
groggy eyed boy i really gotta pee
gotta get some food inside my belly
thinkin about some biscuits and gravy

then sound the horns!

all men must report to the walls
ready your blades, ready your bows
the enemy is approaching
with all great speed
all men to their posts now!
this is not a drill
all men report to duty now

now it seems i'm doomed to die
their army extends beyond my eyes
ill never see my friends or family again
it won't be long before i'm dead
how was it that i came to be here again?
how was into this life i lead?

just another pointless grunt
another body to line the front

theres no doubt now, my life means nothing
when i die here , will that mean something?

what is honor? what is glory?
what is to become of this sordid story?

just look, look out the window and see
and endless sea of enemies
just sitting, waiting, eating meat
while we die here slowly
they taunt us with their food and wine
while we're rotting here, out of time
the rage and hatred swells
we'll have our revenge

now theres no hope for you no hope for me
no food for us for we are besieged

now id kill a man for a bite to eat
theres none to be had
no rats left in the street


from Don't Touch the Trim, released June 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Pathogenesis Raleigh, North Carolina

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