One Choice Left

from by Pathogenesis

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well men you know by now
that we are already dead men
it is time to end this siege right now
we must now confront the truth of our lot
it seems there is but one choice left that we've got
today men we will show them our fury!

we've got but one choice left
its time to open the gates

kill kill the enemy
death, death is destiny
kill as many as you can

kill kill the enemy
death, death is destiny
it is not over yet

kill kill the enemy
death, death is destiny
kill as many as you can

we are already dead men
theres one thing left to do now
we must claim what we can
we trade our lives for theirs

to surrender is a fate worse than death
i'll give my life just to hear the dying breath
of any one of those worthless pathetic foes
i've got just one thing left and it is revenge
i descend on them screaming with deadly proceedings
for there is just one choice left
it is to fight

those worthless wretches out there know not the fury we hold
this pressure built up in us, like dynamite we explode
we march from these gates show them our pent up hate
for this dam holds back a river of blood
now men go out there show them a hate so rare
for they have left us one choice
and it is to die.

there is nothing left
of all things we are bereft
not an option left to choose
no life is left to lose

this bloodthirst must be quenched

blood, blood must now be spilled
all other purpose has been removed
all I see now is who I must kill

it seems like for months now all I've dreamed of is this moment
to look on your face as I drive my spear right through your guts
for there is no intimacy like between a man and his killer
to see the life leave your eyes is greater than any lover

spreading around death like a disease
no sympathy left for your begging your pleas
you die on your feet or you die on your knees
ill collect either way like a taxman his fees

oh there is no revelry quite like this feeling i now have
to see my own blood drain away and mingle with that which I've spilt


from Don't Touch the Trim, released June 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Pathogenesis Raleigh, North Carolina

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